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Answers and Solutions for Tough Appraiser Questions and Client Demands

A reference manual to the applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Designed to improve the quality of appraisals and keep appraisers - a bit safer.  This reference manual contains answers for more than 110 questions clients, lenders, and AMCs often ask appraisers. Each answer includes the applicable federal or state laws, USPAP references, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Guidelines that supports the appraiser's response to the question.

Appraisers are often asked tough, strange, or illegal questions.  These questions some times come from people with minimal knowledge of the law or appraisal process.  Often these people demand answers that places the appraiser at risk.  Just because a client demands an answer while "stamping-their-feet" doesn't mean their demand is legal or necessary for a credible appraisal report.  Many clients are inappropriately trying to shift legal responsibility on to the shoulders of the appraiser.

This manual is designed to help the appraiser answer the right way, avoid the risky questions, and - most importantly - recognize when a question or demand goes "to far" and violates the Appraiser Independence Regulations.  The goal of this manual is to help appraisers stay out of trouble, produce a Tier 1 appraisal report, and get paid more.

Chapter Titles:

  • Chapter 1 - Questions Involved With Ordering an Appraisal
  • Chapter 2 - Questions Involving Appraisal Management Companies (AMC)
  • Chapter 3 - Questions Regarding the Appraisal Process
  • Chapter 4 - Answering Questions That Happen After Delivery of the Appraisal
  • Chapter 5 - Odd and Unusual Questions That Can Be Harmful to the Appraiser
  • Chapter 6 - Answering Appraisal Review Questions
  • Chapter 7 - Questions and Solutions Regarding Appraiser Independence
  • Chapter 8 - Forms and Text Appraisers Can Use In Responding

Sample Questions/Answers:

  • Can the loan officer directly contact the appraiser and order the appraisal?
  • Can loan officers instruct the appraiser regarding the appraisal process or comparables?
  • Can the appraiser tell the lender what the property is worth so the lender or AMC doesn't have to spend money ordering an appraisal?
  • Can the lender or AMC ask the appraiser what "they think the value is" before we order an appraisal?
  • Can you do a "Comp Check" for me?
  • Can the appraiser collect the check at the door and put our mortgage company's name on the appraisal?
  • Can the appraiser "retype" an appraisal into another lenders name?
  • The home is on 20 acres but the lender/AMC only want's me to appraise 5 acres, can I do that?
  • The home is being used as a duplex but is on SFR zoned land, can I provide an appraisal on this property?  As a duplex or SFR??
  • I've been told that I can provide a BPO instead of an appraisal, can I do that?
  • The AMC told me to put a lender's name on the appraisal, is that legal?
  • The AMC requires a copy of my signature, are they allowed to have it?
  • Can the AMC decide what is a customary and reasonable fee?  And do I have to accept their fee demand?
  • Do I really have to determine adjustments for every appraisal report?
  • Why are lenders/AMCs asking for more information regarding my Highest and Best Use Analysis?
  • If the subject's improvements are destroyed, can they be rebuilt?
  • The lender/AMC has instructed me to insert a statement that says XYZ are built to code, can they do that?
  • Can you change the appraisal date after delivery of the appraisal?
  • Can I readdress the appraisal to another client, AMC or lender?
  • Hi, I'm not your client but we need to talk about your appraisal, can you answer a few questions?
  • The lender/AMC is pressuring me to change my comps, can they do that?
  • The lender/AMC is telling me what adjustments to use in my report, isn't that illegal?
  • How or where do I turn in a client, lender or AMC that is pressuring the appraiser?

There are more than 195 pages of answers to questions like these....and more.

Each demand, question, and answer references the laws and regulations that will help appraisers solve problems and provide answers that will keep the appraiser - a bit safer.

$65.00 for a hard bound version of the book.  No digital versions will be made available at this time.

Order now and the hard bound book will be delivered to your office within 5 days.


Download a copy of the questions and the Table of Contents by clicking on this link:


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About The Author:

Richard Hagar, SRA, is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience in real estate. A successful real estate investor, agent, and appraiser, Richard is also a passionate educator who enjoys passing on his knowledge and helping others to succeed. He holds the SRA designation, awarded to only the top 2 percentile of all appraisers in North America, regularly teaches courses at Colleges, private institutions, and has been instrumental in the creation of the State of Washington’s “Mortgage Brokers Practices Act,” the Federal SAFE ACT, and licensing of AMCs.  Mr. Hagar is regular contributor to the magazine WorkingRE.





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